LocalCoinSwap ‘set to revolutionize peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading’ after successful ICO

LocalCoinSwap (LCS) has released official figures from their recent ICO, with $12,151,457 USD raised and 47,732,420 LCS sold and distributed. The token burn count was 27,267,580.  In addition, they have announced that they successfully implemented the following new currencies on the exchange: ETH – BTC – LTC – DASH – BCH – ETC – Monero – Ripple – EOS – Tronix – Tether – VeChain – Binance – PowerLedger – Decision Token – Golem – Walton – Skrumble – Havven – Nomin.  This means the exchange will now open with a minimum of twenty currencies as opposed to the ten we originally promised. There are also 8,000+ users registered to get into the exchange which will be launched in August 2018.

Chief Operating Officer Daniel Worsley said,

“We are working towards the launch of our exchange platform which will be peer-to-peer, inclusive and accessible, to any trader in any location.  We will be offering trading out of fiat in every currency, as well as rewarding the community with dividends, so we are confident that our offering is unique in the marketplace.

LocalCoinSwap are also finalising new partnerships to strengthen their offering ahead of the exchange launch.

“We are working on new strategic collaborations continually”, Chief Marketing Officer Val Nantelov said, “including negotiating an exciting partnership with World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Horizon State – their application truly aligns with our mission to be the most democratically-run, user-controlled exchange platform out there, by enabling decentralized decision-making which empowers every participant. We’ll be sharing new updates about this evolving collaboration very soon.

“All our partnerships are aimed at improving the robustness and effectiveness of the exchange for our users, who are also the shareholders”, he continues, “much like the decision to collaborate with Havven, and use their stablecoin (NOMIN) as a price risk management tool to optimize the value of the LCS token and community venture fund. We want to ensure a completely safe, scalable and powerful platform is created, that meets everybody’s trading needs.

The LocalCoinSwap platform is designed to enrich the entire community and is the only marketplace that distributes 100% of its profits back to its community, and allows the community to vote democratically in its operation.  It is a community-focused and community-owned marketplace. LocalCoinSwap is also the most financially transparent exchange on the market, with regular public announcements detailing exact revenue and expenses, all wages and all forms of income.  All contract code used by LocalCoinSwap is open source and publicly viewable on our GitHub.

Further information is available at www.localcoinswap.com or for images and comment, please contact: Nathan Worsley, CTO  [email protected]


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