We have recently seen an explosion of investors in emerging markets pushing the next idea or solution to reap a profit. Within these industries, we see many companies who eventually fall away due to the dominating power of key players.

Making a profit in saturated markets like these, requires a high risk appetite with proper knowledge and understanding of the different market segments. On top of that, the more attractive the market is, the harder it is to profitably break into.

Most investors these days prefer to enter industries where the existing players’ profits are consistently higher than those of enterprises in other industries. Entrants know they’ll have to take on powerful incumbents, but because of the large profit margins, they’re drawn to those markets like bees to a honey pot.

It is certainly tough for new ventures to make money in profitable markets. If it weren’t, many others would have already entered those industries, competition would be perfectly fierce, and everyone’s profits would tumble.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the most profitable industries had almost five times as many entrants as did the average industry. However, most of those companies found that the going was tough.

In a study they conducted, they have found that fresh entrants in the most attractive markets earned returns that were 30% lower than those earned by newcomers in other industries.

One question remains to be answered, “Can we find a niche to contribute in and create value?” An entrant will be in a better position to see reward returns if it can answer yes to the following questions:

  1. In this market, do customers care about a large number of features?
  2. Do customers vary significantly in their preferences? If they do, the entrant will be able to exploit the fact that there are several clusters of customers with similar tastes, but large differences between the clusters.
  3. Are there distinctive groups of customers who are not well served by current offerings?

Now, put aside attractive markets like cloud computing and cashless payments – let’s analyse the niche industry of cosplay and Cosplay Token against those questions.

The cosplay industry is currently facing a number of issues primarily, the lack of monetisation and little to no value recognition of cosplayers. The solution: Cosplay Token and the Cure WorldCosplay platform will provide monetisation as well as increase of exposure and connections which will definitely benefit the community.

Currently, the cosplay industry is comprised of cosplayers, fans, costume makers, and make-up artists to name a few, all which vary significantly in their preferences and needs. Cosplayers would be looking to replicate a specific character by wearing costumes and fashion accessories whereas, fans who adore their favourite cosplayers are looking to tip and support them.

There isn’t a solution to the problems that the community has been facing for a long time…until now. Be the pioneers to tap into this 45 billion dollar industry. Join the Cosplay Token Crowdsale for a one-time only bonus.

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