Blockchain Revolution for the $200B Loyalty Market

Retainly is fast building the first Customer Retention Platform that businesses across the world can use to manage their Loyalty Programs automatically. Retainly’s Marketing Automation platform is already disrupting many of the established giants like Intercom, MailChimp, and HubSpot. With Collie, the Loyalty Platform, Retainly will be offering the first product to be adopted by all Online Businesses and those businesses that intend to quickly convert their legacy loyalty systems. Collie is being built with a decentralized token called RETN, and using distributed app technology for Blockchain, merchants around the Globe will be able to reward their customers in one currency.

So you may be spending on Amazon or Etsy, or spending on QuickBooks or Workday, or spending at a retail giant, or buying tickets with airlines, all your Loyalty points will now be converted into one single account. No more store credits or discount vouchers, your points are now as good as cash.

Retainly is designed to cater to the entire digital marketing landscape, starting from Lead Generation, to Lead Engagement & Conversion, to Customer Retention. The Customer Retention Block currently has AI driven behavioral marketing, which will be augmented with Virus – The Viral Referral marketing platform, and Collie – The Loyalty Marketing Platform.

The RET Token is used to power the Collie platform and works as a means to reward or get rewarded for Referral Marketing and Loyalty Marketing programs. The Merchant decides the point for every activity performed by their customers. The Merchant also decides the value of each point based on RET exchange rate. Merchants first populate their Collie platform by purchasing RET. Their customers automatically get to see their Reward Points in real-time and can choose when to redeem it from their Wallet by clicking a button. As the merchant’s wallet depletes, they get auto notifications to populate their Wallet. Alternatively, they can also choose a maximum threshold of auto-population into their Wallet.

Retainly’s CEO and Founder, Palash Bagchi shared that RET provides a safe, seamless experience for all Internet businesses and SaaS companies. He then quoted, “

 “The common man needs to be rewarded for every transaction. That reward should be cash and not another store credit. Imagine all people on this planet getting rewarded into a single currency for every transaction they do, no matter where.”

“Virus” application is ready and planned to be released before Pre ICO Sale while the roadmap for “Collie” is in place and set to hit the market in March 2018. Retainly’s mission is to build a decentralized marketing automation platform and bring distributed apps to the mainstream, with extremely easy and user-friendly tools that will make more and more people use Cryptocurrencies.

Token Sale Details:

Pre ICO:

Start Date: 07th December 2017 12:00 PM GMT
End Date: 30th December 2017 12:00 PM GMT

Crowd Sale

Start Date: 15th January 2018 12:00 PM GMT

End Date: 15th February 2018 12:00 PM GMT

Learn more about Retainly ICO and check out their whitepaper.

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The NAU platform will save retailers from marketing middlemen

A platform that connects businesses and consumers through a CPA model that is beneficial for retailers and a coupon model that is appealing to users is going into it’s pre-ICO stage. The platform guarantees a high degree of reliability and transparency because it is based on the Blockchain technology.

The CPA model is very beneficial for retailers because they can pay for a target actions made by a clients and can easily calculate profits. Though, due to setup difficulties and relatively high expenses, the CPA model can only really be implemented successfully by large businesses. Which means that small retailers like bakeries, hair salons, coffee shops, etc, are forced to market their services and products through traditional advertising means (Media commercials, social networks, and contextual ads), these marketing techniques require a significant amount of funds, but in no way do they guarantee an increase in earnings.

The NAU team is creating a fair and mutually beneficial platform on which entrepreneurs will be able to attract clients without having to rely on intermediaries. They will be able to save money on marketing and directly reward their partners-users for referring new clients to their business on the platform.

NAU will allow all users to participate in any retailers offer and share information about the specific business and the NAU platform. Thus, each client will indirectly become a promoter of the business and will gain rewards from retailers for bringing their friends and acquaintances to the platform.

In turn, retailers will gain access to their target audience and will only have to pay for real leads that actually make purchases, as per the CPA model.
Principles of how the NAU platform operates:

Retailers generate special offers for potential clients in the form of discounts, bonuses or free second items. The retailers use NAU tokens to pay for each redemption of the offers.

Consumers find retailers through the mobile application with geolocational module or website. The beta version of the mobile application will be available for use two weeks after the ICO is finished.

Users will receive a 95% reward in tokens for each user that they refer to the platform that takes advantage of a retailer’s offer. The NAU platform receives the other 5% from the amount of tokens awarded to the referrer.

NAU tokens will be used as a reward for attracting new clients and as a payment method for broadening a retailer’s marketing. Additionally, they will be added to an exchange. It is planned that the tokens will be used to pay for special offers in the future. This, coupled with the absence of additional hidden emission will lead to a continuous growth in the price of NAU tokens.
What benefits can be drawn by NAU ecosystem participants?

  • Users of the platform will be able to save money by taking advantage of retailer’s offers. Additionally, they will be rewarded for drawing new consumers into the platform.
  • Entrepreneurs will pay for real target actions – such as purchases or orders via special offers. NAU also provides special channels through which retailers can reach their target audience, as well as a convenient and flexible tool for creating unique offers.
  • Publishers and opinion leaders will be able to monetize on their followers effectively. For even more conversions, NAU provides an API for targeting subscribers with offers that they are most likely interested in.
  • Agents and freelancers will be able to offer their clients a new and highly effective marketing instrument. They will be able to decrease the cost of acquiring new leads for clients thanks to the effectiveness of the platform.
  • Investments in ICO will be profitable because the platform will go into a viral effect and continuous marketing efforts will stimulate its growth.

How will the ICO work

The public pre-ICO starts on the 1st of November and will end on the 27th of November, 2017.
The price of 1 NAU token will be 0.04 USD
Bonus: 35%
Minimum investment: no minimum

Public ICO Will start on the 29th of November 2017 and will conclude on the 29th of December 2017.
The cost of 1 NAU token will be 0.04-0.06 USD depending on which stage the ICO is in.
Bonus: no
Minimum investment: no minimum

Total amount of NAU tokens that will be available for purchase: 1 000 000 000
Additional emissions:
45 million tokens will be distributed among advisors (20 million with a lockup period of 12 months) Marketing and promotional funds (20 million), Bounty campaign participants — testers and security specialists (5 million)
24% of the total amount of tokens sold during the ICO will go to the team and will be locked up for a period of 6 months and slowly unlocked at a rate of 1% each month.

Project Website:

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  • Over the next two years, everyone will be sending money by instant message.
  • Social media companies are working around the clock on this paradigm shift.
  • Send crypto simply and securely to friends and family in an instant message with Tigereum.

Enter the Tiger!

Tigereum is developing smooth customer interfaces for everyone to simply and securely send crypto socially to friends and family by instant message as easily as they would a photo on Facebook.

Tigereum’s target market is the average person who doesn’t use crypto yet but wants to get involved and can’t work it all out!  We aim to solve this problem by building improved customer interfaces for crypto which are like the social media platforms used every day.  This will help more people get into crypto and grow the crypto pie.

Tigereum believes that crypto developers should deliver better customer interfaces than social media companies. Crypto already has the answers to a decentralized, borderless, secure, digital, global currency which can be messaged to anyone, anywhere.  Crypto’s competitive advantages should make messaging money cheaper and easier for everyone.  The crypto community should jump on the instant messaging paradigm shift, and not leave messaging money to the social media companies.

Tigereum will faithfully adopt the key principles of the crypto world: decentralization, encryption, security, anonymity and community.

Tigereum Tokens will be the cryptocurrency used to send crypto to friends and family in an instant message. Senders will buy Tigereum Tokens to message money. Recipients will redeem Tigereum Tokens into their preferred crypto or fiat currency to receive their money. The mechanisms for this to occur securely and efficiently will be developed further through the course of this project.

There will be fifty million (50,000,000) Tigereum Tokens created. Up to forty million (40,000,000) of these will be swapped for ETH under the Token Swap program beginning on Friday 8 December. Tigereum Tokens will be listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges, starting with EtherDelta. This listing is scheduled for Monday 18 December 2017 (the Close Date for the Token Swap).

Tigereum Tokens will be listed on other exchanges promptly after Monday 18 December 2017 to maximise trading opportunities for Tigereum Token holders.

Name: Tigereum

Symbol: TIG
Standard: Ethereum ERC-20
Supply: Fifty million (50,000,000)
Swap Price: 1 ETH = 1000 Tigereum
Approximate Value: US$15,000,000
Pre-Swap Bonuses: Open until midnight 20 November 2017
Open Date: Friday 8 December 2017 (GMT 09:00)
First Day Bonus: 33% bonus available on Friday 8 December 2017 (09:00 to 21:00 GMT)
Close Date: Monday 18 December 2017 (GMT 23:00)
Enter the Tiger!

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AdHive, a mass-scale native video advertising platform announcing ICO

AdHive, an AI-driven influencer marketing platform, announces the ICO of ADH, its platform-wide cryptocurrency. The start of the Token Presale is scheduled for January 10, 2018 at 14:00 UTC and will last until January 27, 2018 at 14:00 UTC, with plans to issue 450,000,000 ADH at the initial exchange rate of 2,000 ADH per 1 ETH. This is the final amount of tokens, and all unsold quantities will be burned.

The new coin will benefit both the advertisers and bloggers: the former will appreciate transparency and accountability of smart contracts, and hassle-free international campaigns while the latter will enjoy clear, reliable monetization models and near-instant transactions.

To allow businesses to scale their native ad efforts efficiently, AdHive brings together the powers of AI and community. When advertiser places a task, the algorithm does all the legwork by monitoring influencer feeds (video blogs, livestreams, Instagram) for visual and audio evidence (key words, product images etc.) of completion and pays participating bloggers in ADH automatically. At the same time, members of community can earn ADH by assessing the quality of native advertising more thoroughly.

“Blockchain in ads (as it is with other fields) ensures transparency in the execution of campaigns and financial settlements. Using a single token for all transactions allows advertisers to easily launch international campaigns. ADH will solve the problem of cross-border payments and the issue of micropayments by significantly decreasing transactional and conversion fees compared to traditional payment methods. Additionally, token payments are attractive for such important group of advertisers as existing crypto businesses and projects that are preparing their ICOs”, — comments Vadim Budaev, CoFounder of AdHive.

ICO details

ADH token is a critical element of the platform, the main payment method between the advertisers, the bloggers, and the community. The token reduces operational expenses and accounting costs of large scale, international advertising campaigns. High fees on microtransactions and heavy regulatory paperwork just go away.

The start of the Token Presale is scheduled for January 10, 2018 at 14:00 UTC and will last until January 27, 2018 at 14:00 UTC. The total amount of placement is 450,000,000 ADH, with capital target around $15 million. No additional tokens will be issued afterwards. The initial exchange rate will be 2,000 ADH for 1 ETH, to be further determined 6 hours ahead of the ICO launch. Unsold tokens will be burned afterwards.

Key points about ADH:

  • ADH is a Ethereum ECR20 token
  • It ranks 10 in Howey Test risk score, “unlikely a security”
  • AdHive uses Bancor protocol to eliminate liquidity risks for token holders
  • Between 25 and 35% of tokens will be made available for ICO participants
    You will find more details about the ICO in the project overview (

About AdHive
AdHive, a native advertising platform that helps businesses scale their influencer marketing efforts efficiently. Advertisers offer a general idea of their message and let individual bloggers come up with their own scenarios. AdHive then employs both AI and community approach to verify and assess the results. To make transactions between advertisers, influencers, and the monitoring members of community faster, easier, and more reliable, AdHive launches ADH, its platform-wide cryptocurrency on January 15, 2018.


The platform can be easily integrated to deliver additional value for advertisers with other platforms and services for native video ad placement: Ninja Outreach, BlogMint, BrandBacker and others.

AdEx, a decentralized ad exchange, has signed a partnership agreement to collaborate in ad exchange in native video ad placement.


AdHive was co-founded by Dmitry Malyanov and Vadim Budaev, serial entrepreneurs with background in B2B services, machine learning & speech/visual recognition at and Webvane. Dmitry has over 10 years of experience in sales and management, including Groupon, while Vadim has worked as system architect and team leader for over 15 years. The third co-founder, Alexandr Kuzmin, is an experienced trader and a former professional poker player. At AdHive, he leads model development and financial management.

The mathematical model and incentives of ADH have been developed by Serguei Popov, professor of mathematics at the University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and AdHive’s scientific advisor. Sergey had previously authored the mathematical models of WINGS ( and contributed to the theoretical work on another crypto-currency, NXT. At AdHive, his models help the system distribute rewards within each acting group in a fair way that incentivizes users to learn more and become better at their roles, for the benefit of every individual user and the platform in general.

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Virtual Reality Ad Tech ICO Spectiv Receives Over $1 Million in Presale

Spectiv VR

Virtual reality streaming platform Spectiv has just closed its private early supporter presale, where Signal Tokens were sold for a total of 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC, and $58,000 USD. Spectiv is a dedicated VR media platform where users can stream their VR video experiences to the world, and where others can enjoy those experiences from the comfort of their homes. It is a niche streaming platform similar to Twitch, but with a focus on VR content. Learn more about it here:

Signal Tokens

Signal Tokens will be used on Spectiv’s platform to directly connect
advertisers with attention influencers. This is achieved through Spectiv’s “Ad Campaign Smart Contracts” which advertisers can use to directly reward viewers, publishers, and curators for driving attention to their ads. Every ad view and click that occurs on the ad is communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract which then autonomously rewards Signal Tokens.

The Signal Token Protocol is not limited to the Spectiv platform; it is open-source. The protocol is designed for any media platform to adopt and implement. Spectiv brings integral value to this protocol by acting as the pioneer and first use case, providing a foundational layer for other media platforms to benefit from and build upon. This pragmatic approach to token creation could bridge the gap between blockchain theory and real-world utility.

Successful Presale

The Spectiv presale was executed in partnership with Sutton Stone exclusively for early supporters of the project. Presale participants were required to pass qualification screenings in compliance with OFAC and other KYC checks. All presale participants engaged in a personalized SAFT with Spectiv, LLC. The public accounting firm Baker Tilly (Mauritius), an independent member of Baker Tilly International, has performed agreed-upon procedures in respect of the pre-sale of membership units per purchaser account, in accordance with the International Standard on Related Services 4400 (ISRS 4400).” Proceeds from the token presale have recently been released and are being used to build the platform alpha and raise awareness for the project. The open token sale period is set to start on December 8th, 2017.

Spectiv Platform Alpha Release

Spectiv is currently focused on developing its VR streaming platform which is expected to roll out in early November. The alpha V1 will support VR content upload, viewing, user accounts, and more. This means token purchasers will have an opportunity to use the platform far before the sale on December 8th. Check out the current product demo here:

Business and Legal Structure

Since the presale, Spectiv has hired an additional developer, an external CFO, and moved into an office space directly across from their crypto venture partners Sutton Stone. In preparation for the open sale, Spectiv is structuring the relevant business entities to comply with existing/undeclared governmental regulations. This includes setting up a Mauritian corporate vehicle used to support the token sale in that jurisdiction. Spectiv will be the second large project to undergo this process in partnership with Sutton Stone.

Token Purchasing Opportunities

Signal Tokens can be purchased at a fixed price of $0.50 each, with early bird bonus opportunities for qualifying participants. The sale will have a maximum expected receipt of $40 million in Signal Tokens. This open sale will be hosted at on December 8th, 2017. Sign up for the email list on the homepage of their website at

Reach out to for private token purchasing inquiries and bonuses.

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MDK Entertainment Community Will Tokenize Memes in a New Blockchain Project

Content creators, moderators and commentators will get cryptocurrency rewards for quality content.

Moscow – Oct. 25, 2017 – MDK, one of the largest Russian entertainment communities of over 20 million social media users, today announced the plans to create a new mobile app and to launch a new blockchain project decentralizing social media value and allowing participants to earn cryptocurrency rewards for active content creation, moderation and amplification.

The company is creating the MDK application – a platform for digital communications and commerce that delivers value to the creators, users, moderators, and businesses, and coordinates their actions. MDK app includes an internal reward system to motivate members for useful actions.

In order to launch the app, MDK token pre-sale aimed to raise $1M will start on November 7th. MDK token will serve as an internal currency of the application. Community members can earn tokens for creating quality content, active participation in moderation and commenting.

Market and Motivation

Social media content is created mainly by users. More relevant and engaging content generates more traffic and increases the revenues of social media giants. Facebook has gained $26.9B and VK – $155M in advertising revenue in 2016. Ad spend worldwide has been increasing steadily and is expected to reach almost $550BN USD in 2017.

MDK has developed the platform concept, where contributors can monetize their efforts and gain rewards for what they deliver. The project’s idea is to decentralize economic value and governance in social media and share them among the users. The key target is to establish the new global digital mass market. Therefore, the project’s key audience is not limited with the existing players of cryptocurrency market, but aims to comprise broader audience of internet users.

«Every day we receive thousands of news and memes from creators who wish to share the content with millions of users. Many are talented, but gain little attention or compensation in the existing social media. We envision a platform where everyone can share their content – and it will be up to users to decide its value. Although we don’t want to become yet another posting platform. We are empowering users to create memes, stories, videos, to grow the community, and to share its economic value”, says CEO and co-owner of MDK Roberto Panchvidze.

MDK Token

A total of 1 billion MDK tokens based on Ethereum will be issued. They will serve as an internal currency of the MDK application. Tokens will be accumulated on the platform and distributed between the active contributors through internal reward system. Thus, the MDK community members will be motivated to create quality content. It will attract more users, advertisers and business support, driving the token value on a daily basis.

All purchases in the ecosystem will be made by tokens. MDK users will be able to spend MDK Tokens on internal purchases, premium content, customizing and developing their profiles, promoting their content, and buying products, services, and other valuable assets offered by merchants and other members.

The key innovation is that common users are not required to purchase MDK Tokens. Instead, they can earn them by providing value to other members of the MDK community through content creation, curation and amplification in the MDK application.

“I think that MDK will implement this brave idea with blockchain. It will give the possibility to earn money for users not just for websites owners. MDK has all necessary for success: users, resources, competent managers and, which is the most important – has a will to change the Internet for the better”, comments this project Nariman Namazov, admin of famous imageboard

MDK Application

MDK app for iOS and Android – a worldwide entertainment community for the next generation – allows users to create, promote, and curate any content as well as to create local communities based on interests or location.

Content creation. Each user can create content and post it to their local community. After the content is published, it is evaluated by users. The more interesting the content is, the faster its rating grows, and the higher share of the rewards it gets. Content localisation system enables even the novice creators to become stars and gain tokens. Localisation also ensures that users get only relevant and up-to-date content.

Content moderation. Each user has a limited number of votes to spend to evaluate content posted by others. Using a Tinder-like model, the user acts as a moderator to upvote the content, skip it, or complain if they feel that the content is unacceptable. The most active moderators are rewarded with tokens.

Content commenting. Each post can be commented on, and comments that carry additional value can be voted for by users. A part of the reward for the post is be distributed between the best comments.

Gamification. The users rating reflects the number of tokens earned by them. The more tokens they get, the further they progress through the levels of application (getting to next level inquires more and more tokens). Each new level provides the user with new advanced features.  Gamification options are aimed to further engage users in the entertainment ecosystem and eventually build a self-regulated community.

Internal reward system. All purchases within the application will be recorded in the internal register. Then, after deducting the commission of the application required to cover the operating expenses and to promote the application, tokens will be transferred to the users’ reward fund.

Business opportunities. For brands, an internal advertising exchange and content promotion options will be available. Those include sponsorship of thematic channels, content competitions, polls and surveys, brand missions, stickers and in-app customization, a marketplace for goods and services.

The launch of app is scheduled for Q3 2018.

“I believe MDK to be an extremely nice and promising project, it’s a very rare case of a huge existing customer base, largest one in Europe in fact and a very promising blockchain based business idea. And it looks nice as well. I love it”, says Pavel Vrublevsky, founder of and ChronoPay.

MDK Team and Advisors

The project will be launched by the MDK executive team. MDK is one of the largest entertainment communities in Europe with over 5 million unique visitors per month, over 20 million subscribers, and monthly coverage of over 30 million unique users. The team including Roberto Panchvidze (CEO and co-owner of MDK) and Dmitry Aladyshev (co-founder of MDK), among others, have more than 7 years of experience in in creating and distributing entertainment content as well as community management.

Roberto Panchvidze has worked at MDK for over 4 years. Now he is head of Operational Management in the MDK group, and an expert in the field of creative projects.

Dmitry Aladyshev has established himself as a successful serial businessman. He is an expert in the field of creating popular media.

The project is advised by a legendary Russian internet entrepreneur Pavel Vrublevsky, founder of and international payment system and Nariman Namazov, admin of famous imageboard

About MDK

MDK is the one of the most popular entertainment communities in Eastern Europe with more than 20+ millions of participants and 7+ years’ experience in the creative industry. Today it is a group of companies that unites its own creative agency (whose clients are Burger King, KFC, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser,, Gazprom Media, Alibaba Group, etc.) and a group of communities in social networks (VK, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) with more than 60 employees.

Press contacts:

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The world’s first blockchain acquiring Cryptonex (CNX) is preparing for launch

In 2017 we are witnessing active cryptocurrency industry development. Companies seek to offer their solutions to pressing problems, for example, security establishment and speed of conversion. However, blockchain experts come to the conclusion that there is a question that is not solved yet. We are talking about acquiring. Instead of waiting until the global commercial companies endorse cryptocurrency as a primary payment instrument on a par with fiat, ambitious developers are now offering projects able to change the situation.

In October 2017, ICO of the international blockchain acquiring project Cryptonex (CNX) was completed. The team has set up the main objective – to provide the opportunity to exchange any world currencies for crypto currencies and tokens to buy goods and services using mobile phone and payment cards. All transactions will be instantly carried out with minimal commission. Even in the absence of powerful PR-support, Cryptonex team managed to raise 18 million dollars. This result was achieved thanks to the value of the developed product. Taking into account, that every day there appear more than 200 new ICOs, such an impressive amount proves acquiring relevance and actuality for many people.

Today for funds deposit/withdrawal implementation, it is necessary to use exchangers or other services (for example, localbitcoins), which charge fees and take much time for conducting operations. There is always risk to lose money because of a dishonest contractor. Money withdrawal is also difficult, and there is no opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency using a mobile application. Cryptocurrency holders are tired of waiting for conversion, deposit and withdrawal and of the fear of losing funds on the exchanges.

To solve these problems, Cryptonex has already developed a secure web wallet that allows to store and convert popular cryptocurrencies. The team has begun to implement the mobile application and the opportunity to work with fiat. Cryptonex is based on Scrypt encryption algorithm. It protects transactions and wallets from hacking from the outside. The access may be encrypted; the key thing is to store the password in a safe place.

Some selected opportunities of Cryptonex are implemented by other cryptocurrencies, in particular, Cryptopay and Dash debit cards. However, there is no full functionality, aggregating all the major financial flows in the blockchain anywhere.

In October the process of adding CNX to the exchanges started. Yobit and HitBTC appeared to be the first ones. In comparison with the initial public offering CNX coin value has increased to $2.5. The total amount of the coins issued for trafficking circulation is 105 million CNX. In the nearest plans of Cryptonex is to complete mobile app testing in winter 2018 and start acquiring development. With the Asian investors from the banking sector support, by the end of the year the company will have announced the first deposit/withdrawal operations using mobile app with contactless payments. CNX mandatory participation in acquiring will provide high liquidity and, accordingly, 70-100 times rising cost of the cryptocurrency on exchanges. As an additional income source, the team offers P-o-S mining to the users. The yield is 12% per annum, plus coin price growth. Besides, till the entry into circulation of 90 000 000 CNX, one can participate in the referral program with 20% bonus from coins purchase. Such tools and coin growth prospect together with large-scale financial and technical project support will make some cryptocurrency holders think of their funds redeployments in favor of Cryptonex.

Official site

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Katrina Arden Joins the Crypterium Team as Project Adviser

Crypterium has begun working with Katrina Arden, a leading expert in the blockchain legal regulation. Arden has a thorough knowledge of the global legislation and regulatory requirements on the cryptocurrency market, and will support Crypterium as an adviser at the stage of preparation and conduct of its ICO.

Ms. Arden has dozens of successful ICO campaigns to her credit, including US projects. The founder of the Blockchain Law Group, a licensed attorney in the USA and Russia, Katrina has been practicing law for more than a decade. She has been working in the blockchain industry since 2016.

“In order to prevent fraud during ICOs, the government dictates the terms of transactions,” remarks Katrina Arden. “Some countries introduce additional restrictions, and others, such as China, simply ban the technology. But even where the sale of tokens is legal, the rules differ for participants from different business sectors. Startups have to take all these nuances into account when launching an ICO. A single sentence that is poorly drafted from a legal standpoint can ruin all the work.”

According to Arden, regulation of the sector is in its formative stages, and no unified legislative framework has yet been created. The regulatory authorities periodically propose new initiatives, which partially revise the format of the market, and as a result force entrepreneurs to review their solutions to ensure the legal security of tokens.

Steven Polyak, managing director and co-founder of Crypterium, comments:
“We are very pleased that Katrina has agreed to join us. We believe that her successful experience in legal support for major ICO projects is priceless. Every market has its own priorities and legislative framework that determine the approach to the legal regulation of the industry. Moreover, regulatory principles are only now being formed, and it’s essential to track the constant changes in order to comply with the standards that are being established in various countries. We are seeking to become a global cryptobank whose services are available anywhere on earth, and quickly adapting the legal documentation to global legislation is an important element of our project.”

Earlier this year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published an official statement that explained its position on the regulation of virtual assets, including the procedure of an initial coin offering (ICO). According to this document, some tokens that are offered for sale through an ICO may operate similarly to securities. As a result of this decision, new projects preparing their ICO must carefully work out the legal concept of the token. In view of the significant differences and constant changes in the international legislative landscape, highly qualified legal support is a guarantee that tokens offered for sale are entirely legal and, as with the Crypterium project, provide their holders with access to important products and services.
About the Crypterium project:
Founded in 2017, Crypterium plans to combine a mobile bank, cryptopayment solutions for business, an OpenAPI crytpofinance platform for developers, and the opportunity to obtain decentralized cryptoloans. The cryptobank offers solutions in three areas: use of cryptocurrencies by individuals for everyday payments, provision of a revolutionary infrastructure for cryptocurrency acquiring for business (including with the payment of fiat funds to vendors), and simplifying the procedures for obtaining cryptoloans, while at the same time giving outside developers open access to its cryptobanking platform.

About the company:
Crypterium is an Estonian company with its head office in Tallinn. The Crypterium team has been working in finance and technology for more than five years, successfully creating contactless payment solutions. The Crypterium team includes leading specialists from several industries: Steven Polyak, a highly experienced investment banker with his main focus of interest on the American and Russian capital markets; Austin Kimm, head of a number of financial services companies and strategic consultant to international companies; Gleb Markov, a financial technology, banking, and cryptocurrency professional; and Vladimir Gorbunov, an entrepreneur with more than 10 successful new IT ventures to his credit.
Project website:

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Sharpe Capital fills $8million pre-sale ICO registration

London-based Blockchain firm Sharpe Capital has reached their $8 million goal in less than a month of the project’s launch and before their scheduled ICO pre-sale has even started.

With scientists from the University of Oxford, UC Berkeley and capital market experts working on the project the group aims to develop a crowd sourced market sentiment platform on global equities and blockchain enabling users to earn Ethereum in exchange for their opinion.

The firm is hoping to raise a further $8 million in November through the issuance of SHP tokens via the Ethereum blockchain. This will take place during a 7 day discounted pre-sale, beginning 6th November and will be followed by a 28 day crowd sale, resulting in a total cap of $20MM USD.

Sharpe Capital has been widely talked about in recent weeks due to the partnership agreement with TaaS, the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets.

Dimitri Chupryna, co-founder and a Managing Partner at TaaS commented:

“Sharpe have developed a unique approach to evaluating market insight in real-time, in a way that drives significant value for both sentiment providers and investors using the data. To have filled their $8 million pre-sale so far ahead of launch is fantastic; we are very pleased to support Sharpe and their vision”.

The technology behind Sharpe Capital focuses on neural networks to look for patterns in financial data that are predictive of future asset prices.

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Crypterium Presents an Innovative Mobile Digital Bank Project at the Coin Agenda International Conference

Crypterium is coming to the Coin Agenda international conference, which begins in Las Vegas on October 24, with the prototype of an already functional mobile digital banking app. It’s expected that Crypterium’s developers will demonstrate a mechanism for making withdrawals from accounts using QR codes.

Coin Agenda is sometimes called Christmas for the cryptocurrency crowd. The international conference, which attracts the industry’s leading professionals, is the jumping-off point for many startups. Crypterium will present the final model of its innovative cryptobank to the world community. The subject of the presentation will be the working principles of the payment infrastructure and ways of making account withdrawals using QR codes. Austin Kimm, one of the company’s founders and co-author of the Crypterium’s White Paper, talks in more detail about this and other solutions at Coin Agenda:

“The main objective of the Crypterium cryptobank is to solve the problem of using cryptocurrency in everyday payments. Achieving this objective is precisely what QR technology is needed for. Retail outlets that don’t accept virtual currencies will be able to receive an individual code using our app. The customer then transfers the payment amount in cryptocurrency to this code, and the vendor’s account receives it in fiat.”

For Crypterium the Coin Agenda conference not only offers an opportunity to present its product to a wide audience, but is also the last serious test before the launch of its ICO: the event is being held a week before sales starts. Their American agenda includes among other things meetings with potential token holders and representatives of cryptofunds. Crypterium is currently negotiating with funds from Europe, the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

About the Crypterium project:
Founded in 2017, Crypterium plans to combine a mobile bank, cryptopayment solutions for business, an OpenAPI cryptofinance platform for developers, and the opportunity to obtain decentralized cryptoloans. The cryptobank offers solutions in three areas: use of cryptocurrencies by individuals for everyday payments, provision of a revolutionary infrastructure for cryptocurrency acquiring for business (including with the payment of fiat funds to vendors), and simplifying the procedures for obtaining cryptoloans, while at the same time giving outside developers open access to its cryptobanking platform.

About the company:
Crypterium is an Estonian company with its head office in Tallinn. The Crypterium team has been working in finance and technology for more than five years, successfully creating contactless payment solutions. The Crypterium teams includes leading specialists from several industries: Steven Polyak, a highly experienced investment banker with his main focus of interest on the American and Russian capital markets; Austin Kimm, head of a number of financial services companies and strategic consultant to international companies; Gleb Markov, a financial technology, banking, and cryptocurrency professional with over 10 years’ experience; and Vladimir Gorbunov, an entrepreneur with more than 10 successful new IT ventures to his credit.

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