Have you heard about Cryptowisser?

Cryptowisser is determined to make the cryptocurrency space available to everyone. No longer shall only tech-savvy young men be able to benefit from all that the cryptocurrency world has to offer.

Cryptowisser has created the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange List in the world. The list includes more than 360 exchanges with information on fees, deposit methods, supported cryptocurrencies, security and user scores. The second biggest list in the world is the one compiled by coinmarketcap.com (220 exchanges), but that list provides far less information on the listed exchanges.

Furthermore, Cryptowisser has developed a matching tool called the Exchange Finder. That tool guides experienced and inexperienced persons to which cryptocurrency exchange is the best one for them. This is a necessary tool seeing as the first step if you want to trade crypto is to pick the cryptocurrency exchange that is the right one for you. In the Exchange Finder, the investor answers six questions on his/her preferences. Then, the investor is matched with the available alternatives on the market. The tool has been very successful and appreciated by the crypto community so far.

Investors that wish to read up on a specific exchange will be delighted to know that the company has also prepared comprehensive individual reviews on all of the exchanges in their Cryptocurrency Exchange List. The list of reviews includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Changelly review

Bitsane review

Binance review

Bittrex review

YoBit review

Mercatox review

You might be surprised to know how different the fees are between different exchanges. Whereas there are exchanges that don’t charge any fees whatsoever (and make their revenue solely from listing fees and advertising), there are other exchanges that charge as much as 20% per trade! The global industry average for centralized exchanges is 0.25% per trade.

In addition to providing objective info on exchanges to the market, Cryptowisser also has a list of cryptocurrency wallets, a list of cryptocurrency debit cards, a list of cryptocurrency merchants and – last but not least – a list of cryptocurrency casinos.

The site aims to be a one-stop-shop for people looking for cryptocurrency services and as a step in that direction, the company is also working on creating a cryptocurrency list. The cryptocurrency list will include information on price, tech, launch year, and much more on each cryptocurrency out there.

Stay tuned!

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