Pock.io fills crypto retail gap in the UK

Cryptocurrencies are currently faced with two big problems; merchant adoption and consumer trust. But one company bridging the gap is Pock.io.

Pock.io is a startup that aims to bring stability and validity to the industry by providing a service where consumers can purchase popular gift cards from stores such as Amazon and pay with Bitcoin, Litcoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin and Maxcoin.

The gift-card digital currency market is not entirely new, California based Gyft has been the market leader in the United States but has yet to provide a service to UK consumers, leaving the gates open for new businesses to capture this market place.

Currently the range of gift-cards that can be purchased through Pock.io is limited to Amazon, Apple, iTunes, Playstation, PSN Prepaid card, Xbox gifts & subscriptions but plans for getting more retailers on board are in place for 2014.

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